About the project

The original idea, or how to create and run real world games, was cooking in author's head for several years. The massive expansion of cryptocurrency projects in year 2017. opened up many solutions and defined the current course of the project, that is developing in following phases.

Pre-launch phase

Pre-launch phase started with following milestones to complete:

  1. The Whitepaper  Defining main project goals, ways to achieve them, as well as expected long term future use of the platform.
  2. Web page Building and maintaining basic information website about the project.
  3. Core team Forming a core team that is capable to start and grow the project development and the team behind it.
  4. Core platform app The core team has to develop a working beta version of the RealWorldGaming platform.

Test phase

Test phase is the next major phase of the project. During test phase, following main tasks are to be completed:

  1. New users New users can open accounts and create new real world games.
  2. Gamers  Gamers will be able to play guided only by the platform. That will mark a new milestone and a real use start.
  3. Main platform app  Once the main RWG platform is tested and completed, the next Expansion phase can begin.

Expansion phase

Expansion phase is the final development phase of the project. Reaching Expansion phase means that the RWG platform is tested and ready to become global real world gaming platform. The only limit from this point on is users imagination.

Real life

By the time RealWorldGaming project reaches Expansion phase, it will have all it takes to drive thousands of real word gaming businesses world wide to use the new platform. That will mean reaching tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions of users (gamers) playing every day's real life games. Games for lifetime.

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